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So far, I really like (and do) graphic design and photography. What else can I say about myself on a page designated for stuff all about? Honestly I'm not one who likes to speak of himself because I like to let my website speak for itself, but because I set aside a whole page for this sort of thing, and will not bored you with my whole "life story", I'll let you know these things instead:

What got me into photography? I developed interest in photography a few years ago when I was playing with my friend's DSLR and instantly felt in love with it. At first I did photography because he loved the fact that he could preserve a memory through photographs. What started out as taking random pictures of cosplayers at cons, it became a passion and brings joy not only to myself but the people he shoots with. It has since evolved for him more of a story telling. It’s a never ending supply of creativity.

Since then, a interest was developed. If I wasn't a photographer, I'd be in business... that, or plan to take over the world (but we all learn that never works out because there's always "super heroes" who would "save the day"... sigh).

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